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The benefits of Spanish as a second language

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In the age of global business, the value of employees being able to speak more than one language has increasingly been highlighted over the last few years. Multilingual employees earn more money and have “practical benefits in a globalized economy”.

Despite the fact that The United States is now the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking country after Mexico, many American people still monolingual.

Truth be told, being bilingual or mulitlingual has also many personal benefits. From being better at multi-tasking to decision making, sharper reasoning, holding off the onset of Alzheimer and being able to see or read about situations from a different perspective or cultural point of view.

Unfortunately many still don’t see the real need for a native English speaker to go out of their comfort zone and learn a second language.

Comfort is easy. We fear uncertainty and so we seek to cushion ourselves in artificial climate-controlled boxes safe from unwanted intrusions. But this is unfortunate. Personal discovery and personal development happen only outside our comfort zone.

When it comes to language learning we create tons of excuses to avoid getting out of our comfort zone: “I’m too old to learn a second language”, “I haven’t enough memory to study,” “I’ll sound silly speaking another language,” “They will laugh at me,” etc. But if we take a moment to look back, we see that our life is a sequence of firsts. There’s a first time for everything. And we’ve always felt fear and uncertainty. It’s time to beat language-learning frustration, reach your goals and enjoy a new world of opportunities.

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